Teamwork and Excellence at their very best

From experience with numerous projects that we’ve delivered in the past, we have come to know that each organization has unique challenges to address.

This is why we look to fully understand the needs of each of our clients and see the business from their point of view, allowing us to design and develop solutions that best fit their needs.

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Our Process

Just as each organization can have unique business requirements, we at ITOS Business Solution acknowledge that each project can be unique, and thus may have to be handled differently. Nevertheless, we still follow a simple but broad process in how we conduct our business.


Customer Satisfaction

Ethics & Professionalism

Understand the Needs

In order to provide or develop solutions, we have to understand what it is that we are trying to solve. This may involve meeting with the client to discuss their business needs, observing employees as they conduct their work, conducting research, and other similar techniques for gathering and analyzing requirements.

Estimate and Quote

Once our team and the client have reached an agreement on the understanding of the requirements, we then estimate the costs involved in providing the solution and propose the quote to the client. This estimation derives from our collective experience in the design and development of software solutions, so the client can always expect realistic and affordable rates. Our quotations can either be a fixed bid or based on time and effort.

Design the Solution

Once we have a firm grasp of the issue at hand, we can then begin to formulate the solution for that issue. This can involve designing potential solutions and testing them. Of course, our clients are always kept in the loop so that we can be sure that they are comfortable with the design before we even begin to build it.

Bring the Solution to Life

With the solution design finalized, we then need to provide that solution to the client. This may be as simple as acquiring an existing solution and tweaking it to the client’s requirements, or as complex as developing the solution from scratch. Whichever is the case, we are sure to bring the solution to reality. Of course, testing is conducted at every stage of the development to ensure quality, and the client is kept in the loop at all times.

Deploy the Solution

At this point, it is about time to hand the solution over to the client. This may involve installing and configuring the solution in the client’s work environment, final testing of the solution and training the end user. The client now has complete ownership and control of the solution.

Provide Maintenance Support

Of course, our services extend beyond providing the solution. We also provide support in the form of preventative maintenance. This involves the regular updates to make sure that the solution runs smoothly and efficiently, and that it keeps up with advances in technology.

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